Monday, August 18, 2008

Normal or Nuts?

Are You Normal or Nuts? I think being shy can be harmful sometimes because it can cause a person from being too afraid of talking to people. They end up becoming a loner, and not having friends. This type of behavior I think is not healthy. A person might be too scared to look for a job, or to try and succeed in this world if they are too shy. They might end up being too shy to go outside too. Being too shy is not a trait that I will recommend for anybody. I tried hard to feel confident for myself and break my shyness. I know people who are too shy to talk on cell phones in public. They are either too shy because they might think people are looking at them, or they don’t like people listening into their conversation. Either way, I don’t think that talking on a cell phone is that big of an issue. If you don’t like talking on a cell phone in public, then don’t. There is no reason why someone has to talk on a cell phone in public. Ten years ago, you usually would wait until you get home to check your messages and on the phone. You should read this article, Are You Normal or Nuts?, and give your opinion. It is very informative to decide if you are normal or maybe a little nuts. You also might enjoy visiting this site: Reader's Digest Laughs to get a few laughs. Enjoy being nutty!

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Phil said...

A lot of people would probably call me normal but the people who knopw me the best would say otherwise ;o)

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