Friday, August 29, 2008

My Husband Became a Blogger!

Reading other people's blog is entertaining. Every time I do my daily routes I always pay attention to their posts. I don't go there just to hop and leave, and that's it! For me I value their ideas and opinions. Because most of the blog I have read were personal blog just like mine.
I would like to thank those people who set time to glimpse my post and made comments. That was an honor for me.
Anyhow it's been more than a month now (6 weeks) since I started writing reviews and taking opportunities from the advertisers, and I see how challenging and fun it is. My husband sees my excitement every time I told him that I got an opportunity. He sometimes help me out when I have more than one opportunity. And that was nice of him.

It's funny because he is now interested to join the blogging world. Well, good for him. I know he has a lot of things to say. He's very opinionated when it comes to religion and politics. He once won the "Toastmaster" when he was in college.
I would like you to view his blogs. He has 2 blogs. One for his religion and politics (PERSUATION), and one for his profession(The Programmer's Weblog). Thanks a lot!


Nancy said...

Hello Dhemz... doing my rounds here...goodluck to your hubby.I'm sure he has a lot to My boyfriend would not be a part of this blogging world too if not for me and his page has even a higher PR than mine, lol!


artofreed said...

yessssss !!!
Add one blogger....
let's go get traffic my friend

TiOheM said...

Good for him. I was able to convince my wife to blog too. So, we're husband and wife bloggers.