Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lucky Day for Me!

Earlier today I was able to take one of the opportunity called "Favorite Great American Seafood Recipe". Since I was on the waiting list (always) I expected "Customer Love" to send me a notice or something, but today was different. While browsing on and on with the opportunities, I tend to click this opportunity "Favorite Great American Seafood Recipe" and it says "take opportunity". By my curiosity I click it and I reserved it. I said to myself "that's weird" because I usually receive an email before I can take the opportunity.
It took only 3 hours from the time I posted my entry and then they approved it. Of all the opportunities I took from Socialspark, so far this is the quickest one. Not only that, I was chosen to be the "best post to date". Wow! I was delighted when I saw my name on the bottom. Thanks a lot Louisiana Seafood I never expected that to happen. I admit that I have some grammatical issues, but who cares that is why I joined the blogging world to enhance my grammar, and to learn from other people.
Here is the link in case you want to check it out

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CKULIT said...

Galing naman, congrats sistah! di pa ako nakakapag ss hehehe.. di pa 90 days blog ko hehehe