Thursday, June 26, 2008


Welcome to Idaho known of the “famous potatoes”. I was really disappointed going to this state, there is nothing to do in Idaho. If you have plans to come in Idaho please change your itinerary. No offense but it's true, it's a bare place and it rains a lot. If there's another way to get from Utah to Washington...we wouldn't have gone to Idaho.

Strangely we passed few cities/towns on our way to Craters of the Moon, guess how many people live there? Oh my goodness....we saw like 200,500,900 or something population. The town looks creepy. I am glad that we did not stay there over night.

Anyway, we did went to see the Craters of the Moon. That was the highlight of our trip. What makes me disappointed was, I didn't get anything from there. I mean I don't have any souvenirs from Idaho, but I am planning to get one online.

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