Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Diet: A Good Way to Stay Healthy

Dieting and losing weight is quite a hard task, especially if you have to do it alone. Most moms struggle with this dilemma primarily because they are the one who constantly prepare the meals for the entire family. How can you just resist that cheesy lasagna that you made for everyone? This is the reason why, the support from the family is very important in one’s goal to lead a healthier lifestyle.
And while on your roads towards a healthier you, it will be best to take the entire family on this journey. This is such a rewarding experience and teaching your kids on how to eat right even at a young age could greatly improve their outlook towards foods. Start off by introducing the concept of a family diet. Plan a meal that is healthy yet everyone will enjoy. Be prepared to see frowning faces from the little ones but there are also means on how you can insert vegetables on the diet without having to endure that green, leafy taste. A little online research could provide you with healthy recipes that are perfect for kids. In here you can incorporate these healthy ingredients as a substitute without altering the taste.  
Also remember that diet alone will not help you lose weight as it needs to be accompanied with proper exercise. Nothing is more fun than sweating and playing with the entire family. A run around the park or a weekend outdoor activity could serve as a means to enjoy some family bonding and also a time to exercise. Let your children help out in carrying out this diet plan so that they could learn about the value of healthy living at an early age.  

Allison is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures.
She enjoys working for fatty liver diet and sees this as an opportunity to share stories and inspire the readers.  

Puppies vs. Babies Online Contest

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.
Photos of babies and pets are the most uploaded photos in most social networking sites. You would always see people upload photos of their babies and their puppies and they can’t seem to stop themselves from gushing at how cute and adorable they are.
I also have an account in a social networking site and I do upload photos of my daughter and of our pet. Every time I take their pictures and see just how adorable they look at these photos, I immediately upload them on my profile. Although I have many cute photos of our pet, I can still say that photos of my daughter are the most adorable ones for me. I never get tired of looking at her photos. I feel so proud when friends would comment just how cute my daughter looks on her photos. So who is cuter?
A good natured competition has just been launched that allows people to vote just who they think are cuter, babies or pets? Puppies vs. Babies online contest aim to determine just who most people think are the cutest. Through three rounds of competition, participants are made to view and rate photos of babies and puppies. They can even submit photos as entries to the competition. The photo of the baby and the puppy that has garnered the most votes will go head to head to decide just who is cuter. The ones who submitted the winning photos will also receive a cash prize. Puppies vs. Babies – who do you think would win? You can help decide just who is cuter by casting your vote now.
Get your votes in from now until November 23rd and get your say in who will ultimately be the top baby or puppy to win! The winning puppy or baby will get $5,000!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Residential Solar Power Systems

More and more people who want to lower their monthly electric bill and the same time be more environmentally responsible with their energy usage, have decided to install solar panels in their homes. Unlike before when the price of solar panel is so steep, more and more people are becoming interested in them because of the dramatic decrease in its price. Aside from that, more people are also becoming aware of the benefits of using solar panels as a source of energy for their homes. Residential Solar Power Systems are allowing homeowners a more environment friendly source of energy. They have become more affordable even to average consumers. They have helped in lowering, if not totally eliminating, the monthly electric bills that consumers have to pay. Companies who provide solar panels also provide other services such as providing experts that will install them. The size and number of solar panels that will be used in each residence will depend on the daily energy usage as well as the number of hours that a particular location receives maximum sun exposure.
Are you familiar with solar power system? If so, how do you like using this kind of power system? To learn more or if you would like to receive a FREE analysis of your home or business, you should contact 877-767-5967 today!

The Sunshine Award

When was the last time this blog posted an award? It's been awhile I think! Thanks to Mrs.Kolca, the author of "Pink Magaline". I also would like to thank Sumi for tagging my other blog. Thanks for sharing ladies!
Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions.
3. Pass it to 10 fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.
* Favorite color?
- My favorite color is white but sometimes I like cherry red.

* Favorite animal?
- A dog of course.

* Favorite number?
- I think I have to choose my birth date...#20

* Favorite drink?
- Any kind of energy drink, but I like mango juice too!

* Facebook or Twitter?
- Facebook of course. I find twitter so complicated to!

* Your Passion?
- My passion ever since I was a kid is Photography.

* Giving or getting presents?
- I prefer to give. I might not be rich but I believe on the saying "It is better to give than to receive".

* Favorite Day?
- My favorite day is my birthday. Of course, it makes me feel so special!

* Favorite flowers?
- I love roses and daisies.

Now, I'm sharing this award to the following girlalos:
Sumi, Mona, Shydub, Kat, Rose, Lulu, Vernz, Chie, Kim, & Imriz.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Preschool Supplies

Educators and parents know that even at an early age, children learn and absorb knowledge easily through their environment and the people that they interact with. They have to be surrounded by people that are ideal role models and must be exposed in an environment that can stimulate their minds. Preschools everywhere are doing their best to provide an ideal learning environment for their young students. They only hire qualified teachers that can provide the guidance that each student needs. They make sure that every class has all the preschool supplies that they need to stimulate the minds of every student. Classrooms are designed to encourage their students to be more creative and to allow them to interact not just with their teachers but with their fellow students. Books are carefully chosen to encourage them to learn more words and to develop their love for reading. They provide activities that can help develop their students not just mentally but emotionally, physically and socially as well. Children can maximize their learning experience by enrolling in a preschool that can provide them with the proper tools and guidance that they need. For more preschool supplies, you might want to check out today!

Yearbook Picture + Report Card

Daughter got her yearbook picture yesterday. I'm glad it turned out good because she was sick when this picture was taken.
Anyhow, I had a meeting with my daughter's teacher last week. They called it "Parent Teacher Conference". Hubby wasn't able to go with me because the schedule was at midday.
I had a 15 minute discussion with the teacher regarding Akesha's progress. Akesha's teacher also told me that she's one of the top students in the class. Overall, she is doing great at school.  I'm very pleased with the results! Congrats anak and keep it up!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walden University’s Online Degree Programs

Most professionals know that in order to stay competitive, they need to have the knowledge required to become one of the best in their chosen field. This is why most of them know that higher education can help them increase their knowledge and expertise. They look for an accredited educational institution like to provide them with high quality education through their various online courses. Walden University’s online degree programs are designed to provide working professionals with the knowledge they need to stay competitive, to advance their respective careers or to start a new career. They have expert faculty and excellent support services to ensure that every student benefits from the quality education that they provide. They also have flexible payment plans that can assist those who may have difficulties with being able to pay for the school fees. Learn about Walden and choose from the various online degrees that can provide the practical knowledge and skills that are needed for career advancement.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Getaway

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend. I have tons of things to catch up on and I hope I can finish blog hopping soon. Anyhow, our weekend went fine. Last Saturday was our daughter's 3rd soccer game. Oh boy, it was a tough game. Both teams scored 2 points each only...weeeee! It's a tie!
Sunday, we went to a nearby pumpkin patch. I think this place is far better than the last pumpkin patch that we've visited last weekend.
We enjoyed the 7acre corn maize, the hay ride, petting zoo, bouncing area, and the helicopter ride. 
This is the first pumpkin patch that we've ever been to that offers a helicopter ride. Since the ride is affordable, hubby suggested that we should get on it. It was our first helicopter ride and it such a great experience!  Thanks pilot Heath!
After getting lost at the corn maize, we went to pick our pumpkins.
Hubby end up carrying Akesha's! A candid shot though.
T'was a great day. How about you? How's your weekend went?

Stunning Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Looking for that perfect engagement ring? It is understandable that you want to have that perfect engagement ring once you decide to finally get engaged. It is going to be an important phase of your life which is why you want everything to perfect. There are several things that you have to consider when choosing an engagement ring. You can visit jewelry stores or browse through online jewelry shops and see the available designs. You can opt for the latest princess cut engagement rings or go for a more classic design. You can also choose to have one specially designed for you. You can also choose a gemstone that will be incorporated with the design of your ring. Different gemstones have different meanings, choose the one that will represent how you feel. If you want your engagement ring to be extra special, you can choose a stone from one of your family’s treasured piece of jewelry and make that stone the accent stone of your engagement ring. Your engagement ring should be able to tell a story, one that is worth repeating to your future grandchildren.
How about you? What kind of engagement ring do you like? Are you the type of person who loves a classic round diamond or the modern princess cut type?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Win a Vacation to LEGOLAND® Florida!

This post brought to you by Atlantic Luggage. All opinions are 100% mine.
This year my family and I went to Disneyland in Florida for a week. We had a really great time. We visited the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom and the Epcot Center. There is another park in Florida that I would want to visit and that is LEGOLAND. You can actually win a trip to LEGOLAND Florida from Travelpro. Travelpro is the leader in great lightweight luggage, and they are having a Sweepstakes where you can win a vacation to LEGOLAND. These lightweight luggages have been around since 1919 and are very affordable and will provide stress-free travel. If you win their sweepstakes, you will enjoy the 150 acre park which offers more than 50 rides.If you are looking for an exciting time and great luggage, you should checkout the Atlantic luggage and Legoland sweepstakes. Make sure you enter it, and get your friends and family to enter it as well. I am looking forward to visiting Florida again, and I am hoping to visit LEGOLAND as well. Maybe I can win this trip from Travelpro to make my time even more enjoyable. There are a lot of parks to visit in Florida and many other things to do as well.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

I’ve got a very sweet husband. A sweet, loving, kind, thoughtful, CHEAP husband. If you know me, you know I love Sugarland. Like screaming thirteen-year-old girl-at-a-Taylor-Swift-concert love. I kind of want to be Jennifer Nettles. I saw a few months ago that tickets were going on sale soon and, of course, batted my eyelashes and made promises I can’t keep to bribe my husband into giving in. Obviously, it’s not in the budget for us. Tickets are upwards of a hundred bucks each, and we’re two struggling grad students trying not to eat Ramen noodles every night. Then, much to my surprise, he came home one day and said he had thought about it and I could buy tickets. I almost did a back flip in the laundry room. On one condition, though. Boo, I hate conditions. I had to do the bills for two months so I could see how tight of a budget we are on and what it means to spend money. I felt like I was ten years old, but I took the deal. DUH! I’m one month into the deal and we’re already switching cable companies and I’m trying to shop electricity rates Texas to save money. It was well worth seeing my girl live, though.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Church's Chicken's delivery  car. How cool!
Wordless Wednesday

Electronic Payments is IN!

Companies involved in retail sales know how important real time information about their sales is. It will help them understand their clients better based on their purchases. Electronic Payments offer integrated payment information that will help deliver a complete point-of-sales solution in every sales conducted. It will help them process the high volume of card transactions in less time than usual. Retail business will benefit a lot from it. An electronic payment provider should be able to work with both internet and dial-up transactions. They can also provide a comprehensive record-keeping and real time reporting of every transaction made during the day. The data gathered is important for a business because it will help them develop strategies that they can use to improve their services. They can provide transaction history as well as monthly statements for every retail store. From these data, they can create reports that can be used by the company in the development of their products and services. They can also provide technical support to their clients to ensure that they are provided with the services that they need.
I like electronic payments because it reduces paperwork and eliminate late fees. How about you? How do you like using the electronic payment system?

Baby Sling

Having a baby should not hinder you in doing the many things you used to do before the baby came along. You can use a baby pouch or baby wraps to make sure that you and your baby are comfortable. If your baby gets tired, he can even sleep comfortably while he is on it. You can carry your baby with you anywhere you go once you have chosen the right baby pouch that is made from comfortable fabric. If it is an activity or a hobby that does not pose any danger to your baby, doing them might be a perfect opportunity to expose your baby to it. Doing your early morning walk at your favorite park can also be bonding activity with your baby. If you are not sure what to look for, you can ask for help from experts and they can guide you in choosing the perfect baby pouch.

Nursing Scrubs for Women

If you are in the medical profession, you might want to checkout This website has all kinds of nursing scrubs for your clothing needs. They have urban scrub pants, urban scrub tops, Grey label scrubs, original scrubs and many other different collections. The Blue Sky Scrubs have made scrubs stylish so you can look good at work. One item that is a must have is their jacket. Their jacket is handmade from fabric and has a mix of modern luxury. You also might want to checkout their luxury collection like their Lanyards and Earrings. They also have some stylish men's, women's and disposable hats that you would want to wear. The men's collection of hats comes in executive, urban and sports styles and would look great while you are at work. So if you are looking for great scrub outfits for your medical job, you will want to visit the blue sky scrubs website and start shopping.

Review: Loopeez Shoe Tying Aid

Do you remember how old you were when you learned how to tie your shoes? Did anyone teach you how to do it? My 5-year old daughter doesn't know how to tie her shoe laces. I always do it for her before she goes to school. I guess I have to blame myself for buying those no lace shoes.
I'm so glad that Loopeez Shoe Tying Aid came to the rescue. Weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to work with They sent me a complimentary items to try in return for a fair review. I chose the "Pink Butterfly" design and "Pink & White" shoelaces. When I received the items, I let my husband teach my daughter how to tie shoes. After a few minutes, we let her do it by herself and viola! She did it pretty quick. I was really impressed!
teach Show Tying 1teach Kids Shoe Tying 2learn To Tie Shoes
Teaching children how to tie their shoelaces can be a challenge for both parents and children. Many children struggle with this skill and many parents struggle to teach it. But not anymore because Loopeez Shoe Tying Aid will help you teach your kids tie their shoes. Loopeez is a mom invented product that revolutionizes the way kids learn to tie shoes. Loopeez is the first shoe tying aid to teach directly on the child's shoe and teach both  methods of tying. Loopeez are also great for special needs, Autism, stroke, arthritis and one handed tying.
how to tie a shoe for kidsshoe Tying Aids
For more cool designs, you should check out their website today or "LIKE" their page on Facebook. So what are you waiting for?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch '11

How are y'all doing? I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. Weekend is always busy for us. Daughter had a soccer game last Saturday, and thank goodness CASA's team wins again with the score of 11-2. We are looking forward to watch their 3rd game this coming Saturday. Sunday, we decided to go to a pumpkin patch. We supposed to do it last weekend but due to the sudden heavy showers we postponed the plan.

Our family has many traditions, which we have made over the years. One of the many traditions we have is picking our own pumpkin and pumpkin carving. Nay, I was not happy of the price so we did not buy our pumpkins yet. We might go to another patch this weekend.

Daughter had a blast with all the rides and entertainment at the pumpkin patch yesterday.

She also made a scarecrow. I was going to help her but it was quiet hot yesterday. I just stayed in the!

How about you? How's your weekend?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Document Translation

A business that has an international clientele handles various documents that may not only be in the language that they may be familiar with. These documents are not treated will less importance which is why they hire document translators for them. They are vital to the business’ operation and they also have an impact to whatever decision will be made about their business. Translation must be provided by a reputable document translation service provider that can provide an efficient translation service. They should be handled by experts in the field to ensure that they have a deep understanding and experience in their own fields about the document that is being translated. A document that is related to engineering will be handled by experts in the engineering field. It will ensure that the right information and data will be gathered by the company. Documents derived from the marketing efforts of the company are vital in making sure that they are provided with the essential information they need regarding their products and services. Once these documents are properly translated, they will have a better understanding of their customers’ needs.
If you think your company needs document translation, you might want to visit Rosetta Translation provides comprehensive and flexible outsourcing solutions for business needs, and delivers consistently excellent services. They are able to translate academic qualifications, birth/death certificates, marriage certificates, personal legal documents, CVs, and a wide variety of other forms of official documentation, and to provide an appropriate certificate of authenticity, notarisation, and legalisation.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Huebsch Parts

In running a service oriented business it is important to hire competent employees and to make sure that all the equipments being used in providing services are functioning well. It is vital that employees are getting regular training so that they know how to deal with clients effectively. Each of the equipments that are being used in the business must be functioning well to be able to provide the services that clients deserve. Using top of the line equipments helps in providing more efficient services and in producing more quality products. They should be inspected regularly to make sure that they are in excellent condition. If certain equipments malfunction, they should be repaired immediately. A decrease in the number of functioning equipments and machines would affect the number of products being produced. Use only the authentic parts for your equipments. Buy only from trusted stores. If, for instance you have a laundry business, buying authentic parts for your washing machines and dryers can ensure that they will function well. Huebsch Parts, water valves, belts, clamps and coin chutes should only be purchased from authorized distributors because low quality parts may only cause your washers and dryers to malfunction and this may create more problems for your business in the future.

A scarecrow for the perfect spooky addition to our front yard

Guest post written by Howard Hewitt

I think that it isn't really Halloween until I'm satisfied with all of the Halloween decorations that I've put up at our home. A few months ago our basement flooded and ruined some of our holiday decorations, so I had to replace most of the Halloween decorations this year. I guess that's one good thing that came out of the flooding was getting to have fun with making some more decorations.
I got the idea to make a scarecrow for our front yard by looking through some of my favorite craft blogs with my Clear. I found all kinds of ideas, but I knew that I had to make that one.
I got my son to help me make the scarecrow, which really was a job for more than one person. It was kind of tough stuffing all that straw into a scarecrow. Plus, we made it life sized, which made it even more spooky and difficult to make. It took us almost all afternoon last Saturday making it, but we were both really proud of it. I even had my husband take a picture of the two of us with our spooky creation.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Buddy's 11th Birthday

Daughter and I baked some cupcakes and a strawberry flavored cake earlier for our dog's 11th birthday. Ayay, way to go Buddy boy!
We always celebrate his birthday! Akesha and I did the same thing LAST YEAR, well except that we forgot to make a birthday hat for him.
"Make a wish Buddy!"
After singing a birthday song to her brother, she blew the candle for!
Lick it purple tongue!
Nyahahaha....he finished it before 60 seconds! He deserves a piece, of course it's his birthday!
Akesha's decorated strawberry cupcakes.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I'll pay you a visit after my daughter's soccer game. Thanks for dropping by!

School Supplies for Less!

Those who are in charge of the family’s budget know that it is sometimes hard to keep track of all the daily expenses especially if there a number of unexpected expenses that are beyond their control. An emergency situation can take a huge chunk off a family’s monthly budget especially those who do not have an emergency fund. With prices of basic commodities constantly rising, parents are always trying to find out how they can save from their everyday purchases. There are those who use coupons when purchasing certain products to get discounts off of the retail price. At the start of another school year, parents would usually purchase back to school supplies at wholesale stores where most items are being sold at discounted prices. That way, they can buy all the school supplies that their children need without going over the budget. They can also choose to purchase them in bulk to get more savings. The school supplies that they do not need at the moment are either stored for future use or sold to other parents who have children who need them.
For more affordable school supply needs, you should visit today. I might want to get some arts and crafts material for my daughter.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guadalupe River State Park

Texas weather is! Texas is known for its crazy weather patterns. It's already fall to some parts of the US but not in Texas. I always feel like summer is not over here yet. The weather forecast for this week is between 86-95°F. A couple of weekend ago was very hot. It was 103°F.
So my family and I decided to go to out of town. We went hiking along the Guadalupe river. We didn't make it far because daughter wanted to take a plunge into the river.
Guadalupe River State Park is a very nice park with good campsites, great hiking and biking trails, and access to the clear flowing water of the Guadalupe River
It was unplanned. We don't have any swimming suits with us, but since it was too hot that day we all took a plunge. 
gotta eat some snacks...hand me some cheese father...:)
We are thinking of going back there again and will bring some extra clothes for sure.

Visit Branson, Missouri

This post brought to you by Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.
Are you planning for your next family getaway? Then you should come and visit Branson, Missouri. Famous for its beautiful scenery, Branson is the ideal place where one can have that perfect family vacation. The Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing is situated within the shopping, dining and entertainment district. They offer accommodation packages that are ideal for families that want to have vacation that they will truly remember. Dining at the famous Level 2 Steakhouse is something that each family member would surely enjoy. Aside from their signature 28 day aged beef from Kansas City the restaurant has an extensive menu that can create the best dining experience. Diners can start their day with a hearty breakfast of Sausage, Egg and Cheese Muffin or a Berkshire Ham and Cheese Omelet. The Thanksgiving Brunch, wherein the all time favourites are served with a contemporary twist, will surely make a filling family lunch. Level 2 also serves ‘Turkey to Go’ which is ideal for a family of four.
The Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, adjacent to Brandon Landing, is a luxurious hotel that offers excellent views from each of their rooms in their 12-story glass tower. It has first class amenities including a cocktail lounge and a magnificent indoor pool. It is perfect for both business and leisure guests. With their excellent accommodations and facilities, your family vacation to Branson, Missouri is something that you will never forget.

Arizona Car Accident Lawyers

There are many people being injured in accidents everyday in this country. That is why it is important to get a quality lawyer to help you with your settlement. The Arizona car accident lawyers can help you get your injury case settled. You can submit a free case evaluation directly on their website where they will evaluate it for free. They also will not charge you anything until your case is settled. It is important to get some Arizona auto accident lawyers on your side so you will have an advocate fighting for you. You should call them today to see how they can help.

Assisted Living in Ohio

Choosing the right retirement home for your loved ones is important because you want them to live in a community where they will live comfortably and have all their needs attended to. It has to be a place that will provide them with an environment that will not only be safe for them but a place where their entire well being is prioritized. Residents of the community must be provided with the right facilities and programs that will contribute to their physical, social, mental and emotional well being. Each resident should also be encouraged to participate in various recreational programs so that he/she will have a chance to interact with other residents. Facilities such as a wellness center and a 24 hour medical facility should also be provided.

Numerous assisted living ohio centers have websites where one can browse through so that they can have an idea on what each of them offers. You can even schedule an appointment online if you are interested in talking with those who manage them. They give you a tour of the entire community so that you will be able to see what they have to offer. It will help you determine if it is the ideal place where your loved one can stay.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Soccer Game

How are y'all guys doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our weekend was a busy one. Last Saturday was our daughter's first soccer game. We're a little bit anxious because we haven't seen our daughter compete before.
Their team played against Crossroads Eagles (another private school in the city) with a score of 6-0. Oh, boy! I lost my voice cheering for them. It was a great game!
All geared up! Go Rams go!!!
 They all look so natural out there and looking cute in their soccer uniforms. To think about it they're only 5-6 years old.
Daughter is very competitive and even scored for the team. She was in control of the ball a few times, and finally made the goal. She's the only girl who scored! Papa and Mama are so proud of you anak!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Addition

I've just added a cute angel to my collection. His angelic face is uber cute! 
I got it at Goodwill for 99cents only.

Experts in Sourcing and Procurement

Every entrepreneur would want someday to expand his business nationally and eventually internationally. Being able to have your products or services patronized by people all over the world is a major achievement. Every individual or company that plans to expand their reach globally needs to understand first the similarity and differences of local and international markets. Consumers behave differently which is why they really need to make thorough research and study of them. If they plan to take their business to China, for instance, they might want to try to enlist the services of a china sourcing company. That kind of company has a better understanding of the business environment in China. They know where they can acquire all the materials and equipments that they may need for their business expansion. They have comprehensive knowledge of the techniques and business strategies of successful chinese manufacturers. They can help in the hiring process of new employees. The differences in the language will no longer be an obstacle since they can also provide translation services. Through an outsourcing company, expanding a business to another country will no longer be as difficult as before. I believe my husband’s company is doing this kind of strategy.

Rug Cleaning Supplies in Austin

If you have been thinking of getting your carpets cleaned, now is the perfect time. The rug cleaning supplies Austin company can help you get your carpets cleaned. The Steam Team are experts in cleaning carpets, upholstery, leather, dust-free hardwood, air ducts, and much more. They can even help with your water extraction, pet odor treatment, drapery cleaning and smoke & restoration. It doesn't matter what you need clean, they can help you. They are considered the number one choice because they pride themselves in customer service. The great thing is that they guarantee their services. You can use this website to get a quick quote, and if you have already used them before, you can submit a customer evaluation. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a quality carpet cleaning company that will give you the customer service you deserve, you need to checkout the Steam Team to see how they can help.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lapel Pins

Academic PinsRecognition & Service Pins
With Christmas just around the corner, there are a number of individuals and companies that are already thinking of the best giveaways to their employees and friends. Companies know that Christmas is an excellent time for them to advertise their products because consumers have higher purchasing power during this time. If they are able to promote their products well, there is a bigger tendency that consumers will purchase their products. Most companies give out it small and simple products to potential clients like lanyards and custom lapel pins that bear the company’s logo. This items that are given away can prove to be an effective marketing tool. If their logo and company name is exposed often, consumers can easily recall them whenever they are in need of a certain product or service. Companies that sponsor Christmas parties and other gatherings use these events as an opportunity to promote their products and services. Whenever possible, they also give out free product samples so that consumers can try out their products without having to buy anything at first. A quality product can surely attract a customer’s attention.
You might want to check out today for more choices. So what are you waiting for?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kitchen Remodeling

Are you planning a kitchen remodeling? There are so many things to consider when you are trying to estimate just how much your planned kitchen remodeling may cost. The space that is available may determine just how simple or intricate your remodelling will be. A smaller space can only allow you to put the essential parts on your kitchen while a bigger space allows you to have additional cabinets and furniture depending on your preference. If you do not know how to set up an ideal budget for your new kitchen, you may opt to hire a professional that can give you helpful suggestions which will give you a safe estimate of how much it would cost. You can also give them your average budget and from there, they can suggest which will create the look you want for your kitchen and still be within your target budget. That way, you don’t end up making costly decisions just because you do not have the right information and guidance from experts. You should decide which basic changes should be done and prioritize them. If you have extra budget after all the basic changes, then you can buy additional accessories for your kitchen if you want.


Daughter playing her favorite wii game, the outdoor adventure.

T.G.I. Fridays Steak Sizzling Fajitas

This post brought to you by T.G.I. FRiDAY'S. All opinions are 100% mine.
I’m pretty sure it can be difficult to prepare meals when you have a hectic schedule. After all, it is much easier to stop at a fast food restaurant on your way home from work than it is to come home and cook something. My husband used to do that when he was single. Aside from fast food, he also buy some frozen foods.

I believe that some frozen foods are often not only cheaper than fresh items, but also healthier —especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. I sometimes use frozen foods. How about you? How often do you buy frozen items?
A week ago, I was given a complimentary coupon to try out the new T.G.I. FRiDAY’S “EntrĂ©es for One”. Thanks T.G.I. Fridays! So I went to the store and grabbed a box of sizzling fajitas. Right after I got home, I immediately opened the box and heat the food in the microwave. Oh, boy! I can’t believe how delicious it was. My husband thought I went to T.G.I Fridays restaurant. He didn’t know it came out from a frozen box. Have you ever tried the new line of T.G.I. FRiDAY’S “EntrĂ©es for One yet? You should try it for yourself! You might also want to checkout the Fun Freezer contest on Facebook. So what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2mi + Hike = Accomplished!

My family recently took up hiking as a new hobby. I thought before hiking is a boring hobby but I just realized that hiking is FUN! I get to appreciate the beauty of nature even more, plus it's a great way to burn calories and fat! 
Our 5-year old daughter is always on the go. She likes nothing better than to get moving. Hubby and I are thinking of taking her to half dome Yosemite in the next few years. She was 6-month old when we took her there.
This park is the best hiking trail in town! We went to this place last weekend.
The trails here are well marked and vary in difficulty from level one to four. Level one is obviously the easiest and four... the most fun. Of course we took the fun!
The trail map. We reached our goal! Ayay, a 2 mile hike was challenging.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Install Bathroom Tile

If your house needs some minor renovations, you must know where you can buy all the materials you need at discounted prices. You must determine which part needs more attention and may entail more labor and budget. You can choose to renovate only a few part since if are limited by your budge. You have to determine which ones you want to do first. If a certain area needs to be renovated immediately because of severe damage, then you can renovate them first. Schedule the other repairs for a later time, when you have the time and the budget for it. You can also save a lot of money if you do the renovations yourself. The money that is intended to be used to pay for a worker may then be used for other purposes such as buying additional materials that you need. You can browse online and see how you can do some minor renovations on your own such as do-it-yourself instructions on how to install bathroom tile. There are even video tutorials on how to do simple tasks.
I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I’m thinking of doing a minor upgrade on my daughter’s bathroom. I’m planning on replacing the tile. I might need to search some information on how to install bathroom tiles.

Water Damage Houston TX

Several factors contribute to a house’s quick deterioration. A house may be exposed to extreme weather conditions and this may cause major property damage. A house is a major investment which is why it needs to be protected however we can. Property damage can create a huge financial problem and if we do not have enough savings, it can create a bigger problem. It is important that homeowners should be on the lookout for early signs of damage. It can prevent any damage to develop further. A house that gets flooded often is prone to crack in its foundation and damage in the pipes among others. It is important that we know how to deal with such problems. We can also choose to hire a water damage houston tx that specializes in restoration of water damaged properties. They are local and nationwide provider of fire and water damage restoration, mold repair, wind and hail damage repair and complete renovations of both residential and commercial properties. They know how to keep the damage to a minimum. They also know which of your properties can still be restored and which ones need to be replaced. With their expertise, you will be able to deal with your problem the right way.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cell Phone with NO Contract!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.
I believe that the mobile phone is the greatest communication tool ever invented. Don’t you agree? A lot of people have moved from their traditional land line phones to the mobility of lower cost of cell phones. My husband and I are one of those people who have moved from a land line to cell phones. It’s been three years since we stopped using our land line phones. For us, using a cell phone is more convenient. The only downside about using the cell phone is the service contract. Signing a service contract with a cell phone carrier is often necessary to get the cellular service and the cell phone that you want. My husband and I are considering of switching to Straight Talk. We heard a lot of positive feedback about their services. We’re pretty impress about the Android on Straight Talk, plus no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. Where can you find such a great deal like Straight Talk? If we switch to them I’ll be able to Call a friend who lives in the Philippines. At Straight Talk, they have International Long Distance Service that has a flexible prepaid calling service that enables you to make international calls from your home, cell or office phone at low rates. This service provider is not the same with other guys that has a policy like Hook, line and sinker. All the cellphone you need without a contract!
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